About Us

The resources that we provide are as diverse as our church family. Everyone is welcome to our church, no matter how they came to be involved with the Deaf community. We are always interested in meeting the personal needs of each person who comes through our doors. Come join our church family!

Are you Deaf? ASL user? Oral user?

You've come to the right place. All of our worship services are in American Sign Language (ASL) and professional voice interpreters are also available. We are vey open to everyone and are more than willing to accomodate your needs.

Are you an interpreter?

We have several interpreters that come to our church to augment their learning and to immerse themselves in the Deaf community. Interpreters in our church enjoy the support they receive from each other.

Are you a CODA?

We have CODA adults and children who are actively involved with the church and enjoy our Deaf church family.

Do you have a cochlear implant?

Our church family includes many people with cochlear implants who are actively involved with the church and enjoy our Deaf church family.

Are you Deafblind?

We provide many accessible resources for Deafblind people to enjoy our classes and worship services. Our most important resources for Deafblind people are adjusted color backgrounds, extra-clear slideshows, available televisions connected to a camera taping the service, and much more.

Are you learning ASL?

Great! There are several people here who are learning ASL, from a beginner's level to an intepreting level. Come and learn ASL by interacting with Deaf people and worshipping God at the same time.

And much more...

- There are several hearing families with Deaf children in our church. We are well-equipped to empower such families in learning about Deaf culture. All these families feel well integrated into our church family and are able to actively participate.

- We are equipped to help family make individual decisions on mainstreaming vs. residential schools, cochlear implants, etc.

- Anyone is welcome to come to just to worship with us and experience Deaf culture.

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